Sandpaper makes documentary films and premium series for the UK and US, SVoDs and for theatrical release. Its films are known for their compelling human stories, the depth and drama of their content, and their cinematic flair. 

The company works across a range of genres and is known for bringing fresh understanding to some of the biggest stories of our time.

Sandpaper is run by Henry Singer, one of Britain’s preeminent documentary filmmakers, and Susannah Price, who has an enviable record in developing, producing and executive producing successful feature documentaries and series.

The company is known for the meticulous research that goes into its films and the integrity with which it deals with its collaborators, both on- and off-camera.

In addition to working with established directors in both the UK and the US, Sandpaper is committed to working with the next generation of filmmakers, including those whose voices are often neglected by the mainstream media.