• Feature documentary
  • 95 mins
  • 2022

Capturing The Killer Nurse

Charles Cullen was the perfect nurse. Gentle, conscientious and supportive of his fellow medical professionals, Cullen found it easy to find employment in a string of hospitals and nursing homes across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. But when mysterious lab results were linked to patient deaths in a hospital in in which he worked, suspicions began to be raised about a caregiver whose bedside manner was considered perhaps his most impressive skill.

Capturing The Killer Nurse tells the story of how two small-town detectives and Cullen’s best friend and fellow nurse joined forces to try and catch him. Despite spotty evidence and uncooperative hospital administrators, the three managed to use undercover work and a last-minute confession to ensnare the man who may go down in history as America’s most prolific serial killer. But the film is more than a thrilling cat and mouse game; it’s a searing critique of a for-profit healthcare system that allowed Cullen to kill and kill again.

Director & Co-Writer
Tim Travers Hawkins

Producer & Co-Writer
Robin Ockleford

Mike Rolt

Executive Producers
Henry Singer, Susannah Price, Charles Graeber

This documentary lays out the facts in clinical detail…shocking.

Los Angeles Times

An engrossing and horrifying documentary of not just a serial killer but the malfeasance of the hospital administrators.

Ready Steady Cut

One of the most unnerving documentaries from Netflix so far this year.

Cinema Blend

Netflix’s Capturing the Killer Nurse can only be described as equal parts baffling, gripping, as well as haunting.

The Cinemaholic