Drone footage kindly provided by Jairus Paul.


MY PLANET NOW is a cinematic feature documentary directed by Henry Singer that seeks to break new ground and support efforts to bring about a genuine moment of coming together on the climate crisis.

The film will tell the global story of climate change in a uniquely human way by inviting ordinary citizens from around the world to film and share their personal stories of their relationship to the planet and their experience of climate change, using smartphones. By allowing the audience to experience the world through them, the film will offer viewers a sense of connection to the planet and the challenges facing us that is unfiltered, immediate and deeply human.

The film is intended for worldwide theatrical release and broadcast and will be accompanied by an impact campaign to encourage substantive action on climate change.

Share Your Story


You don’t have to be an expert – and you don’t have to have done anything like this before. We want to hear what matters to you, so please do take part. There’s plenty of guidance on what to do below.


Deadline for submissions is 15 September 2023 – but please do start filming and uploading your videos as soon as possible. Providing it’s safe to do so, it makes a real difference to document your experiences as they happen.

How to take part

1. WATCH – How To Tell Your Story video here

2. READ – My Planet Now Filming Guide – EN / FR / ESPOR / ITARB / URDU / BENGALI

3. UPLOAD – Submit your videos here.

If you would like the Filming Guide in an alternative language or if you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch:

Email:  myplanetnow@sandpaperfilms.com

WhatsApp/text message to +447536999749

NB If you are not legally an adult in your country please contact us before you do any filming.


Watch the video below to hear from the Directors: